Founded in 1923.
Niichi Matoba, the founder and first President, obtained a patent for application of the principle of an oxidation reaction
that produces heat by means of catalysis of an element of the platinum group to manufacture heat generators.
After many years' research, he finally succeeded in commercialization of products applying this principle.
The product was named HAKUKIN-kairo (HAKKIN warmer).
April 10, 1923:
YAMATO SHOKAI LTD. was founded in Nishi-ku, Osaka with the aim of manufacturing and sales of HAKUKIN-kairo
Purchased about 990 m 2 adjacent to YAMATO SHOKAI LTD. and built a three-storied headquarters building
Company building and plant completely burnt down by air raids
Restored Yamato Shokai with about 30 staff members
Kyozo Matoba appointed as second president
HAKUKIN-kairo used by an Antarctic expedition team
Changed Company's name to HAKKIN WARMERS CO., LTD.
Commenced sales of new kairo (pocket warmer) with a pilot wick
Commenced sales of HAKUKIN-belt
Tsuneo Matoba appointed as president
Completion of a new six-storied reinforced concrete company building including factory and laboratory
Commenced sales of candy ; HAKUKIN Nodo-ame (herb) and HAKUKIN Ume Nodo-ame
Commenced manufacturing bath powder; sales of Yuttari Shuyu Series and Yuttari
Commenced sales of Kinuhime Series and Mayuhime Series, bath powder containing extract of silk
Commenced sales of 100% silk supporters, socks, gloves, towels, and other clothes made of high-quality natural silk
Commenced sales of new kind of bath powder containing herbal medicines, Yakushi-no-yu
Newly offered a gift-wrapped bath powder set, consisting of three kinds among those already on the market, hoping to expand sales in the gift and mail-order business, as well as sales directly to customers
Exhibited products at a trade fair in Shanghai
Commenced sales of NEW Yakushi-no-yu containing 100% herbal medicines
Commenced sales of environment-friendly pocket warmer, HAKUKIN-kairo 3R
Marked the 75 anniversary of founding; obtained exclusive sales rights in Eastern Japan (covering from Shizuoka to Hokkaido) of benzine, which is fuel of HAKUKIN-kairo
Moved into environment industry on the occasion of 75th anniversary of founding, making full use of catalyst technology that Company has long developed through pocket warmer manufacturing
Commenced sales of EYE SAFE, supplement candy beneficial to eyes and Kairo-chotto-oyasumi, a special bag to keep disposable warmer for repetitive use for several times
Commenced sales of new pocket warmer of battery ignition type. HAKUKIN・Kairo 3R PLATINUM.
Commenced sales of bath powder and liquid, containing herbal bath medicines, extracted from
Japanese deep-ocean water. PLATINUM MARINE.
Commenced sales of new type of drinking water, used tha Japanese deep-ocean warter, PLATINUM WARTER.
Advanced hyperthermia therapy field, applining the hyperthermia effect by the far infrared radiation generated from platinum catalyst of HAKKIN-Kairo.
Marked the 80th anniversary of the foundation.
For coming the retoro (Nostalgic) boom,revived our familiar trade mark (HAKKIN UNCEL MARK), popular advertising signboard, fifty years ago.
Agreement to the sole exclusive agent in Russia.
Agreement to the sole exclusive agent in England.
Transported the sacred fire from Greece to Nagano.
Special Olympics World winter Games Nagano in Japan.
Offered the preservation and transportaion machine to sacred fire of National Sports Festival in Okayama Prefecture.
Commenced sales of the Benzine in the west Japan (covering from Nagoya to Kyushu) becoming to the direct sales of all Japan according to eastern Japan market.
Companys head office was moved to the birthplace Nishi-Ku Osaka City.
Catalyses factory was moved in Sennan City Osaka.
Plan for the warld wide unification of Peacock brand with spreading in foreing countries.
Start to use Peacock brand for domestic product.
Commenced sales of HAKUKIN-Kairo Peacock and HAKUKIN-Kairo Peacock Platinum, for Japanese market.
Offered the preservation and transportation machine to sacred fire of National Sports Festival in Hyogo Prefecture.
Commenced sales of the new product 『Peacock New Mini』 for overseas market, small size high performance at the same time sales for ladys and for warm treatment on the Japanese market.
Commenced sales of new extra burners for exclusive use.
Offered the preservation and transportation machine to sacred fire of Ntional Sports Festival in Akita Prefecture.
Marked the 85 anniversary of the foundation.
Commenced sales of New PLATINUM KINUHIME, hernal medicine bath powder containing extract of silk.
Offered the preservation and transportation machine to sacred fire of National Sports Festival in Oita Prefecture.
2009: Opend a outlet shop and start the discount sales of previous model.

Offered the preservation and transportation machine to sacred fire of National Sports Festival in Niigata Prefecture.
2010: Commenced to limited sales of premium Gold Plated product.

An opportunity , hold Vancouver Winter Olympics in Canada resumed to exports of North America towards.

Offered the preservation and transportation machine to sacred fire of National Sports Festival in Chiba Prefecture.
2011: Obtained an Award by the Mayor of Osaka and Osaka fire department for support and assistance activity to victims of East Japan Earthquake on March , 2011.

Offered the preservation and transportation machine to sacred fire of National Sports Festival in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The world-famous original name brand of
platinum catalysis warmers since 1923.


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