HAKKIN's Reliability
HAKKIN has always endeavored to improve HAKUKIN-kairo throughout its long history.
Based on our customer-oriented policy in developing new kairo, the burner (part heated by catalyst), which can be replaced with a new one when it is worn out, is compatible with that of any of our kairo, from the earliest to the latest models. In addition, replacement parts are always available. Thanks to such services to guarantee permanent use, our long seller brand has obtained high reliability from our customers.
Although kairo in its earliest form at the time of the company's founding (left),
kairo that were to be found in most houses during 1965 - 1975 (center), and present kairo (right) are slightly different from each other in form and design concepts, they have not changed basically during our company's seventy-seven years' history. We are proud that our brand has remained unchanged and accepted by people for generations. What makes it possible is customers' ongoing desire for authenticity. HAKUKIN-kairo's performance against severe cold, even below -40℃, functions upon which customers highly rely, and permanently guaranteed after-service have helped further strengthen customer credibility of HAKUKIN-kairo.
The world-famous original name brand of
platinum catalysis warmers since 1923.


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