The Man Who Started
The "HAKKIN" Legend
HAKUKIN-kairo was invented in 1923 by Niichi Matoba, the founder of the Company.
Obtaining a patent for applying the principle of an oxidation reaction that produces heat by means of platinum catalysis, he devoted himself to research and experiments over many years to make it suitable for practical use and eventually commercialized it. When he finally succeeded in manufacturing a prototype, he named it HAKUKIN-kairo (HAKKIN warmer). Our Company, since then, has engaged in manufacturing and sales of HAKUKIN-kairo, while adding new ideas to improve it. Our
zeal for improving HAKUKIN-kairo has expanded beyond the medical field into the leisure- and sports-related industry, to produce products that warm both body and soul. Supported by the concept that health is an essential factor for people's better life, our company has developed its business by providing people with warmth in the literal sense of the word, promoting people's good health. Long lasting healthy life, bright smiling faces in daily life, and wonderful life for everybody, this is what we have sought and will continue to seek. HAKKIN hopes to further help people maintain their health so as to live happy lives.
The comfortable warmth that our kairo (pocket warmer) provides is made possible by platinum catalyst technology. This was an innovative technology when it was invented in the Taisho period (1912 - 1926) and is still considered very advanced even in this high-tech era. The word "kairo" comes from "kaichu kairo" in Japanese, meaning a portable pocket warmer. An oxidation reaction usually produces intense heat. When such reaction is caused by platinum catalysis, heat at a lower temperature can be obtained and lasts longer. Considering such characteristics as ideal for "kaichu kairo", we were quick to apply it for commercialization. Thus, we successfully put our innovative product, HAKUKIN-kairo on the market. After seventy-seven years have passed since its first appearance, HAKUKIN-kairo serves to maintain people's health
around the world more than ever. Especially at present, as people becomes increasingly environmental-conscious, the product's economical aspect, durability, and environmental-friendliness have been highly accepted. In this way, we now enjoy
our product's unchanged great popularity. Platinum catalysts are now also used in the most advanced fields (especially in measures to protect environment). Platinum catalyst technology is utilized in an automobile exhaust gas purification system and has been introduced in chemistry plants as well. HAKKIN has been greatly advanced since its founding.
The world-famous original name brand of
platinum catalysis warmers since 1923.


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